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Proposal for the use of
Open Technologies in the Government


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Latest Local News

» 11/18/04. The Bill 771-CD (D´Ambrosio & Zogbi) was passed by the Santa Fe's Senate. Law's text. Source: R. Tagliaferri
» 11/11/04. A resolution for the use of Libre Software in all her computer systems was passed by the Buenos Aires Deputies Chamber. Source: Clave Noticias
» 11/04/04. The Free Software Bill 2801-04 (Schifrin & others) was presented into Buenos Aires's City Legislature. Source: D. Cordoba.
» 10/22/04. Rosario city towards Libre Software. Source: Municipalidad de Rosario.
» 07/16/04. Federal Government signs agreement in Education with monopolistic privative software corporation. Salta government too. Sources: B. Busaniche, directoriodelestado.com.ar.
» 07/14/04. Resumen jornada SIU: e-Government con Software Libre (Source: R. Pluss).
» 07/01/04. The Council Bill 25495-O-04 (Simoniello, Henn, Giménez & Piazza) was passed with modifications by the Santa Fe's City Council. Sources: simoniello-henn.com.ar, G. Couralt.
» 06/26/04. Proposición Project: Carta de Apoyo a Sérgio Amadeu.
» 06/03/04. SOLAR: Open Letter to the Argentine Government about illegal software use. Source: M. Olivera
» 06/02/04. Panel: Software Licence System within the Government - Jun. 2, 2004 - Buenos Aires, Argentina. Source: J. M. Carllinni
» 05/28/04. Jornada sobre software libre y políticas públicas - Jun. 1, 2004 - La Plata, Argentina.
» 05/10/04. MECyT replies to the Via Libre Foundation's letter that asks information about the bidding to buy 8500 computers. Source: F. Heinz.
» 05/03/04. The Digital City Project at San Martín de los Andes uses Software Libre. Source: R.H. Medel.
» 08/08/02. A DMCA-like bill titled "Regimen de delitos informáticos" (.pdf .html) has been approved by the National Congress's Chamber of Deputies. Source: Comisión de Comunicaciones e Informática (HCD). More information.

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